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Temporary Change of Station (TCS) Guidance

Updated March 2020

If you have a Temporary Change of Station (TCS) coming up, it is recommended that you visit your local property office for help arranging your move. They will be able to help you schedule your move and deal with the more complicated entitlements and accounting procedures than are typically associated with your normal Permanent Change of Station (PCS).

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Personally Procured POV Storage:

If you are travelling overseas (OCONUS) and are interested in arranging your own vehicle storage, you will need to complete the Personally Procured Vehicle Storage Form and submit to your local personal property office. Reimbursements for self-arranged POV Storage are limited to the government’s comparative cost.


Claims Resources:
For more information and helpful tips for managing a claim, please see the below resources.                                        

ABC's of Claims Brochure


Claims Video #1 - Pre-Move and Moving Day

Claims Video #2 – Delivery Day and Filing Your Claim


Claims Video #3 – Transferring your Claim to the Army




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