Loss & Damage Claims

https://dps.sddc.army.mil/cust/standard/user/home.xhtmlWhile we hope all of your items arrived in one piece, the reality is that isn’t always the case. If you have any questions about this process, you can contact your Transportation Service Provider (TSP) or Military Claims Office for household goods claims or PCSmyPOV for personal vehicle claims.

Lost & Damaged Household Goods Items

If any of your household goods are lost or destroyed during the moving process, you may be entitled to full replacement/repair value of that item(s), assuming your Notice of Loss or Damage was filed within the 75/180 days AND your claim is filed within the nine months following the date of delivery. All claims must be submitted in the Defense Personal Property System (DPS), which is the portal your move originally was scheduled in. However, if you and your moving company cannot reach a settlement for all or a portion of your claim, you can transfer that portion of your claim to your Military Claims Office for processing.

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Pro-Tip: You can only accept compensation for a single item once during the moving process, so be careful when you negotiate or accept payment with your moving company. Sometimes, if something is immediately recognized as damaged on delivery, the moving company will offer you up to $500 that day, which is called a “quick claim”. If you accept that payment, you cannot file claims on those items later on to receive the full replacement value.

What does "Full Replacement" Value" mean?

When you are moving with the military, your items are insured at “Full Replacement/Repair Value (FRV)” at no additional cost to the service family. Essentially, this means that if an item is lost or destroyed during the move, the TSP is obligated to pay the lesser of the replacement/repair cost. If replacement cost is offered, it should replace the item with the same or similar item. The replacement item could be new, used.  The TSP will still require proof of the item's value, quality and evidence of the cost to replace it.  If the item can be repaired as determined by a qualified inspector and the repair cost is less than the replacement, the TSP may pay for the repair.

Loss & Damage Report

A Loss/Damage Report allows you to notify the moving company of your intent to file a claim for missing or damaged items. Remember… a Loss/Damage Report is NOT a claim. You must still file an itemized claim to receive reimbursement!

Damage found Delivery Day and after Delivery: If you notice any lost or damaged items on delivery day, you should ask the driver to complete and sign the Notification for Loss and Damage AT Delivery form. (The driver should have copies of this form on hand, but if you want to be super prepared, you can print a few copies yourself.)  If you and the driver complete a signed Notification for Loss and Damage AT Delivery, a copy of this document can be uploaded to the Defense Personal Property System (DPS).

For help submitting a Loss & Damage Report, follow this step-by-step tutorial.

Important Dates: 
Submitting a Loss & Damage Report is optional, but more time and flexibility.

Important Dates WITH Loss/Damage Report
Delivery Day (Optional) For any lost or damaged items discovered on delivery day, request that your moving driver complete and sign a Notification for Loss and Damage AT Delivery form. Having mutual agreement on major items can lead to fewer disputes when you settle the reimbursement value later on. Please verify that the TSP contact information is clearly listed on the form. 
Up to 75 days after Delivery Date Sign-In to the Defense Personal Property System (DPS). You have up to 75/180 days to inspect your property, annotate all loss and damage not previously discovered and reported at the time of delivery and provide notice to the Transportation Service Provider (TSP). 
Up to 9 Months after Delivery Date Sign-In to the Defense Personal Property System (DPS) and submit itemized claims for any lost or damaged items for full replacement/repair value (FRV) provided notice of loss or damage was submitted or provided to the TSP within 75/180 days.
Between 9 Months and 2 years after Delivery Day Contact the Military Claims Office for help receiving depreciated replacement value, or repair cost, whichever is the lesser of the two.
60 Days after Claim Submission Your moving company should pay, deny, or make a counter to your claim within 60 days after your claim is submitted.
Important Dates WITHOUT Loss/Damage Report
Up to 75 Days after Delivery Day Sign-In to the Defense Personal Property System (DPS) and submit itemized claims for any lost or damaged items for full replacement/repair value.
Between 75 Days and 2 years after Delivery Day Contact the Military Claims Office for help receiving depreciated replacement value, or the repair cost for the items that were noted on the Form 1850 on the day of delivery.
60 Days after Claim Submission Your moving company should pay, deny, or make a counter to your claim within 60 days after your claim is submitted.


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Pro-Tip: If you file a Loss/Damage Report, you can submit claims for any additional lost or damaged items discovered after the initial 75/180 Day window… even if it wasn’t included on the original Loss/Damage Report. Contact your MCO to request a waiver to discuss good cause for the delay. Good cause may include—but is not limited to—an officially recognized absence or hospitalization during some or all of the 75 days after delivery.

Itemized Claim

Regardless of whether you submit a Loss & Damage Report, you must submit an itemized claim in the Defense Personal Property System (DPS) for every item that was lost or damaged during the moving process.

Before logging into the system, save yourself some time by gathering as much of the information below as possible. The more details you can provide the better. If you have before and after photos or receipts of the item, that will significantly help throughout the process.

Artifact Example
Manufacturer Samsung
Brief Description of Item Front-Load Washing Machine Model No. ABC12345
Inventory Item Number #78
Cost at Purchase  $1,000
Year of Purchase 2016
Description of Damage Plexiglass on washing machine door has been broken.
Repair Estimate (Optional) $250 from Samsung Repair Wizard
Photos & Receipts (if available)  

When you sign in to the Defense Personal Property System (DPS), if you started with a Loss/Damage Report, you can export all the data you entered directly into the Claims system. If some of the items that were lost are now found, you can remove them before you submit the final claim.

After you have submitted the claim to the moving company, they are responsible for obtaining repair estimates for any of the damaged or lost items. They may send out an adjuster to take a look at the item if it’s serious as well.

The moving company must pay, deny or make an offer within 60 days of the completed claim submission. You will have the opportunity to accept an offer for each item. Remember, this is a negotiation, so you may counter offer an item if the item is not marked as "Final". 

If you are unable to come to an agreement with the moving company, your next step is to transfer the claim to your Military Claims Office. The Military Claims Office will take over from there but it’s important you stay in close contact with them throughout the process. As we stated from the start, you need to stay proactive throughout the process and it’s recommended you follow-up with the moving company and/or the Military Claims Office.

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Pro-Tip: There is a misconception that the Military Claims Office only helps you get partial replacement value for your household goods. This is not the case. The Military Claims Office will pay out a partial replacement value and then continue to negotiate for the full replacement value on your behalf. If they are successful, you will get the full replacement value for the damaged item.

Residential Damage

If your moving company causes any damage to your home or residence, you should contact your moving company directly and arrange for the damage to be fixed. An example of damage might include scratched hardwood floors, dented walls, torn grass, etc.

If you have any problems negotiating settlement, you should contact your local legal office and seek assistance from a Legal Assistance Attorney.

Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) Claims

You have four options for filing a POV claim: Site Settlement, IAL Claim, Military Claim, and Inconvenience Claim. Each option gives a different level of service and convenience. Most people pick the site settlement option, but you can find more claims information from PCSmyPOV.

Options for filing a POV claim
Site Settlement A site settlement is a combination of part repair or replacement costs plus labor. These claims are done at the Vehicle Processing Center (VPC). IAL’s VPC staff use the Audatex Repair Guide for pricing on parts, and calculate labor rates based on the current average of local repair facility labor rates.
IAL Claim If you pick this option, you have to file a loss and damage estimate to the IAL Claims office. IAL will review, process, and return your claim no later than ninety (90) days after they receive it. For more information, contact the IAL Claims department toll free at (855) 389-9499 and select “claims” from the voice menu.
Military Claim Military claims are filed with your branch of Service’s Military Claims Office (MCO). You can find MCO information on the Move.mil homepage—just click on your Service’s icon.
Inconvenience Claim Inconvenience claims provide reimbursement for out of pocket expenses associated with a missed required delivery date. These claims are handled on a case-by-case basis. If you want to file an inconvenience claim, you’ll need to hang onto your receipts.