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Avoid Popular Moving Dates When Possible
21 August 2018

The most popular dates for moves during the peak moving season are just prior to Memorial Day through two weeks after the Fourth of July. Performing HHG moves during this window could present challenges with scheduling and the quality of TSP/Moving Company performance. It is recommended that Marines complete their self-counseling and submit their Primary and Alternate move dates at least 90 days in advance of their Primary move date. All Marines must provide Primary and Alternate move dates. There must be at least three (3) Government Business Days (GBD) between these dates. Pickup dates should be planned to allow for flexibility when selecting dates to vacate housing, commence travel, and perform other PCS-related events.

Note that the last two days and the first two days of every month are also particularly difficult dates for pickup since most leases and rental agreements start or end during that time. Final pack and pick-up dates are not confirmed until the conclusion of the pre-move survey (either in person or telephonically) conducted by a representative of the TSP/Moving Company. If personal circumstances require a change to the agreed upon pickup date, there is a substantial risk that new requested dates may not be available.

21 August 2018

21 August 2018

Peak Moving Season Preparation (MARADMIN 192/18)
03 April 2018

The purpose of this MARADMIN is to provide Marines, Civilian Marines, and their families conducting a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move during peak season (15 May through 31 August 2018) with direction and information on how to ship and store their Personal Property, (also known as household goods (HHGs)), unaccompanied baggage (UB), and privately owned vehicles (POVs). This MARADMIN also recognizes the importance of pets as members of the Marine family and explains how Marines with PCS Orders overseas must coordinate early to reserve pet spaces aboard Air Mobility Command-Patriot Express (AMC-PE) flights.

USMC - Peak Moving Season Preparation MARADMIN 192-18 03Apr2018.pdf

Privately Owned Vehicle (POV)
09 March 2018

Marines conducting a PCS move to, from or between OCONUS locations may be entitled to move or store their POV. Questions regarding eligibility for shipment or storage of POVs should first be forwarded to the local PPO.

When storing a POV, Marines are reminded to obtain an authorization letter from the local PPO to store their POV when shipment to an OCONUS destination is not authorized. Marines must make a drop-off appointment with the Global POV Contractor, International Auto Logistics, at

Prior to turn in, customers are responsible for ensuring their vehicle does not have an unresolved Recall Notice. Vehicle Owners can verify if their vehicles have a recall notice at the following link: Service members can also contact their servicing Vehicle Processing Center to determine if their particular vehicle will be accepted for shipment or storage. If there is a recall on a vehicle, owners must provide documented proof of repair by a certified mechanic dealership (authorized by the manufacturer).