A message to DOD Personnel and their Families:

 Like many sectors, labor challenges in the moving and storage industry are driving tighter-than-normal capacity in the Defense Personal Property Program.  These challenges are compounded by competition with non-DOD clients (like corporate and residential customers) vying for the same services.   In many locations, DOD personnel must wait upwards of four to six weeks for available moving crews.  Demand is similarly high for rental trucks and storage containers used by customers interested in a Personally Procured Move.  Senior leaders across the DOD’s Personnel and Logistics communities are aware of the issues and are exploring options to solve relocation-related problems for military families. 

Steps you can take: 

  • Visit your Transportation Office as soon as you receive orders.  Don’t wait!
  • Whether this is your first move or your 15th, take advantage of counseling.  Your local transportation office is your best resource to understand the specific challenges and delays in your community.
  • If movers cannot be arranged to support your timeline, talk with your chain of command immediately to explore options—which may include changes to reporting timelines.
  • Be patient with your transportation office personnel!  They want to solve problems for you.  Contact your local transportation office if your moving plans change or if you have questions regarding your move once scheduled. 

In no case should a customer feel compelled to conduct a Personally Procured Move.  Similarly, no customer should feel compelled to leave family members behind to handle a household goods move on their own. 


Customer Service

Icon of a man in a suit sitting at a desk with a computer.

Local Personal Property Office

Best Primary POC

Hours and contact info vary.
Find your local personal property office.

Contact for:

  • General Questions
  • Scheduling
  • Storage Needs
  • Special Circumstances
  • Entitlements Questions
  • Transporter / Moving Day Issues


Privately-Owned Vehicle (POV) Shipment/Storage

Privately-Owned Vehicle (POV) Shipment/Storage

International Auto Logistics
110 Office Park Lane
Suite 200
Saint Simons Island, GA 31522


Phone Commercial:     (912) 280-6000
Toll Free:

    (855) 389-9499






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DPS Technical Help Desk

Hours: Open 24/7

Contact technical help desk representatives for help with:

  • Access and navigation
  • Account issues
  • Technical support


Phone: Toll-Free (800) 462-2176
Commercial (618) 589-9445
Email: usarmy.scott.sddc.mbx.g6-SRC-DPS-HD@mail.mil
Online Ticket: https://src.servicenowservices.com/src


Icon of a man with a phone headset on.

Service Branch Help Desks

Air Force Customer Service

Phone: DSN 487-3357
  Commercial (210) 652-3357
Email: ppahq.ppec.customerservice@us.af.mil 
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Army Personal Property Call Center


Phone:          DSN 312-357-5093
     Toll-Free (800) 521-9959
     Commercial (253) 967-5093

   Monday thru Friday 8:00am - 6:30pm EST 

Chat: Click here to chat with an Army Personal Property Customer Service Agent

Coast Guard: Finance Customer Service Team

Phone: Toll-Free (800) 564-5504 Option 2
Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm est
Online: https://www.uscg.mil/Resources/Legal/LSC/Household-Goods-Claims/

Contact for:

  • Entitlements Questions
  • Special Circumstances
  • Exceptions of Policy
  • Reimbursements

Marine Corps Customer Service


Contact your local Distribution Management
Office (DMO)

Contact your local Distribution Management
Office (DMO) Personal Property Office (PPO)

Marine Corps and Navy have consolidated 
Customer Service Assistance Capabilities so you can
contact Navy Household Goods Customer Service at:
Phone: Toll-Free (855) HHG-MOVE, or (855) 444-6683

You may also continue to contact the 
following for Marine Corps Personal Property 
and Passenger Travel support at:









Navy Customer Service

Phone: Toll-Free (855) HHG-MOVE, or (855) 444-6683
Email: householdgoods@navy.mil
Online: https://www.navsup.navy.mil/household
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Customer Support Center

Customer Support Center

Customer Support Center representatives are available to assist you with non-technical issues and answer questions concerning your move.

Toll free: (833) MIL-MOVE, or (833) 645-6683

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Accounting & Finance Office

Hours and contact info vary.
Find your local finance office on installations.militaryonesource.mil

Contact for:

  • Reimbursement
  • Personally Procured Move (PPM) Payment
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DSN: 536-3000
Comm: (502) 626-3000
Email: usarmy.knox.hqda-otjag.mbx.cpcs@mail.mil
Online: https://www.JAGNet.army.mil/PCLAIMS


Updated Claims Information, 24 September 2019

For claims related moves to overseas (OCONUS) locations,
international claims contacts can be found here.

Marine Corps Claims

Submit to Navy Personnel Claims

DSN: 564-3310

(757) 440-6315

Toll Free: (888) 897-8217

Email: NorfolkClaims@navy.mil
Online: http://www.jag.navy.mil/organization/code_15.htm


DSN: 564-3310
Comm: (757) 440-6315
Toll-Free: (888) 897-8217
Email: NorfolkClaims@navy.mil
Online: http://www.jag.navy.mil/organization/code_15.htm

Air Force

DSN: 986-8044
Comm: (937) 656-8044
Toll-Free: (877) 754-1212
Email: afcsc.ja@us.af.mil
DSN Fax: 986-8307
Comm Fax: (937) 656-8307

Coast Guard

Comm: (757) 628-4212
Email: D05-SMB-HHG@uscg.mil

Online: https://www.uscg.mil/resources/legal/LSC/LSC-Claims-Division

Mailing address:

U.S. Coast Guard
Legal Service Command
300 E Main Street, Suite 400
Norfolk, VA 23510

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Retirement / Separation Extensions


Requests for retirement extensions should be submitted through your local personal property office.

Marine Corps

First Extension thru local Personal Property Office

All other Extensions and Exceptions to Policy submit to CMC (I&L, LPD-2) at:

DSN: 225-7765
Comm: (703) 695-7765
DSN Fax: 225-8160
Comm Fax: (703) 695-8160
Address: Commandant of the Marine Corps 
3000 Marine Corps Pentagon 
Rm 2E227 (LPD-2) 
Washington, DC 20350-3000
Email: usmcpersonalproperty@usmc.mil


Extension Requests for members confined to or undergoing treatment at a hospital or for members undergoing education or training should contact navyhhgshippinge.fct@navy.mil. For all other reasons, contact nxag_n130C@navy.mil.

Note: Requests for extensions must describe the nature and events for requesting the extension and include the final set of orders and supporting documents (e.g. Letter from School or Doctor).

Air Force

DSN: 487-3312
Comm: (210) 652-3312
Email: hqppa.ecaf-ext@us.af.mil
DSN Fax: 954-4263
Comm Fax: (210) 321-4263
Address: PPA HQ/PPEC 
555 E. Street East, Suite 4 
JBSA Randolph, Texas 78150-4439

Coast Guard

Email: HQS-DG-LST-CG-1332-TRAVEL.uscg.mil
Address: Commandant (CG-1332) 
Attn: Travel & Transportation Division 
United States Coast Guard 
2703 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE 
Stop 7907 
Washington, DC 20593-7907

Contact for:

  • Retiring and Separating Service Member Questions
  • Retiring and Separating Service Member Move Extensions